Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster: Touhoku 2011

All profits from ANY of the pictures sold on this website (not just the Earthquake/Tsunami

Pictures) until at least March 11, 2012 will be donated to Red Cross Japan

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March 11-18, 2011 : Misato, Miyagi

March 19-24, 2011 : Izumi and Sendai, Miyagi

March 25, 2011 :Yamoto and Higashi Matsushima, Miyagi

March 26, 2011 : Ishinomaki, Miyagi

April 3, 2011 : Downtown Ishinomaki, Miyagi

April 16, 2011 : Onagawa, Okawa, Kitakami

June 3, 2011 : Nobiru, Miyagi 野蒜 宮城県



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I will be taking many more pictures and posting them in the days to come, but as of now mobility is very limited due to the total lack of gasoline.  We have also been advised to stay indoors due to possible nuclear fallout radiation from the Futaba, Fukushima Nuclear power plant.  Throughout this crisis, I have been keeping a journal and taking notes of the events that unfold both for me personally and the catastrophe as a whole.

I’ve been living in Miyagi, Japan for the last 4 years. I have made too many friends and have too much invested in this area to flee in their time of need. As long as radiation levels are safe, I plan to stay here in Japan and help my community rebuild. These pictures are the first chapter of that story.

Misato (Kogota and Nango), Miyagi was hit hard by the Earthquake, but thankfully was just far enough away from the ocean to be out of reach of the tsunamis. The neighboring, seaside cities of Misato were devastated by the over 14 meter, towering columns of water brought in by the tsunamis.

Once gasoline becomes available and mobility is no longer severely hindered, I plan to head to the hardest hit areas and help wherever possible. I will try to bring all of you along on this journey of restoration through these photographs.


#Quakebook.org - A Twitter-sourced charity book about how the Japanese Earthquake at 2:46 on March 11 2011 affected us all. Raising money for the Japan Red Cross.

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